Evil Dead a Gorier Remake

By admin | 6 years ago

Evil DeadFilmmaker Fede Alvarez remade Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead and he sure knows how to make a bloody movie. It is for a specific audience and not everyone will enjoy watching it. If you can’t stand dismemberment then stay away from this movie.

Sam Raimi made the original movie for a very low budget over the course of several years in the 1970s. He released it in 1981. Then in 1987, he made an expensive sequel, Evil Dead 2, which is more like a remake itself.

Evil Dead 2 is more frightening than original more because Raimi figured out what works and what don’t. Alvarez chooses to emulate Raimi’s setup with his remake and takes it few notches up. The movie has sense of humor and managed to be scary at the same time. It is a straightforward tale of a demonic possession.

It will scare the living daylights out of you even if you don’t believe that demonic possessions are real. It sucks you into a scary place and wouldn’t let you out until the end. And just when you thought the movie is going to end, it continues to terrorize you. It does this a couple of times with its false endings.

Just like Raimi’s versions, Alvarez’ Evil Dead features five young people who go to a deserted cabin in the woods. There they find the Necromicon, which is a book that is covered with what looks like human skin. Even with the warnings not to read certain incantations from the book, someone in the group does and next thing you know, scary things start to happen.

Alvarez utilizes old-school technology for special effects, just like Raimi when he did the original Evil Dead. He shows how it is done without the use of computers to create scary images. The latest Evil Dead will make your jaws drop. If you want something frightening, try this one out.

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