Ewan McGregor Eyed by Marvel Studios to Play ‘Doctor Strange’

By Rochelle Paula Carino | 3 years ago
Ewan McGregor Eyed by Marvel Studios to Play ‘Doctor Strange’

Ewan McGregor, the actor who played the key role of the young Obi-Wan Kenobi in the trilogy prequel of "Star Wars," joins Marvel’s list of actor contenders considered to play the role of “Doctor Strange.” Continue reading for more details on this feature.

There is but one trending production studio in Hollywood right now. It’s none other than Marvel Studios — thanks to all of their riveting movie projects that seem to have captured the interests of all fans, both comic book savvy and not. Ever since the final negotiation of Robert Downey Jr. joining "Captain America 3" surfaced online, people couldn’t stop talking about the fact that Marvel is pushing the Civil War plot forward.

However, it’s time we remind you that the current members of Avengers are not the only focus of the studio at the moment as they are also pushing their president's, Kevin Feige, passion project that is “Doctor Strange.” After the pitfall of Joaquin Phoenix’s negotiations for the role, Marvel is once more on the lookout for the actor who would profusely bring Doctor Strange to the big screen. Last week, they were eyeing Keanu Reeves; and this week, they are checking if the young Obi-Wan Kenobi actor can portray the black magic-wielding superhero.

According to Screen Rant, sources of Badass Digest managed to excavate information that Marvel is currently considering Ewan McGregor to play the eponymous role of Doctor Strange. To back that claim up, unanimous speculations are even suggesting that the actor is doing what he can in finding everything he needs to know about Doctor Strange,  engaging in a concentrated character research.

In the interim, IGN then adds that McGregor joins Matthew McConaughey ("Dallas Buyers Club," "True Detective"), Jake Gyllenhaal ("Brokeback Mountain"), Oscar Isaac ("Inside Llewyn Davis"), Ethan Hawke ("Boyhood")  and Jared Leto ("Dallas Buyers Club") as the six iconic actors who are in negotiations to play the Marvel character.

Truly, one needs to do a concentrated research on Doctor Strange’s character as he is one of the key players in the Marvel universe. This brings us to understand that the coming of such a film will bear a massive impact in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On such note, the studio is looking for a prolific actor who is amenable to the multiple contract deals that they commonly give out to their leads.

“Doctor Strange” will be helmed by Scott Derrickson ("Sinister," "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"). It will be based on the screenplay created by John Spaihts. Marvel has not given yet a slated release date for the upcoming film project, but many believe that it will be released on the July 8, 2016 reserved date.

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