Ex-Aussie Pacer Brett Lee Launches His Movie Career With The Movie ‘UNIndian’

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Ex-Aussie Pacer Brett Lee Launches His Movie Career With The Movie ‘UNIndian’

Fast Pacer Brett Lee is getting into a surprising new career. The Aussie Cricketer is going to star in a movie titled “UNIndian,” which is going to open in theaters next week, and the former cricketer turned actor is very much excited about his new line of work.

With 380 wickets in one day international cricket it’s a good way to end a lifelong innings in Cricket, isn’t it? But, Lee isn’t calling it a day yet. He is looking to bowl over Aussies everywhere with his acting prowess. The cricketer turned TV commentator turned actor is going to star in an Australian-Indian feature film that will hit the big screen next week.

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The new movie will see Lee as a teacher who introduces the migrants to the basics of Australian language and culture. The film will be directed by Indian director, Anupam Sharma and will star Bombay Film Industry’s big actors like Gulshan Grover and Supriya Pathak. The film was promoted by the Australian government too. Apparently, Australian Prime Minister had himself spoken about it during his visit to Mumbai in 2014.

When asked about acting, Lee said that he had always believed that memorizing dialogue would be the hardest part of acting and acting would be easy and natural. But when he watched himself act in the film, he realized that it was acting that was the hardest. Dialogue was easy and came naturally to him.

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He declared that if you have read the script many times, you know the dialogue back to front anyway. It isn’t difficult after that.

Lee was totally smitten by Indian culture when he first visited India in 1994. He was only seventeen then. He remembers hating bowling on the wickets in the matches on the Indian grounds. But when he got back home, he felt nostalgic about the whole affair and realized that he had loved that trip.

“There was something about India that struck a beautiful chord with me,” Brett Lee revealed.

This movie will obviously be a big hit in India. India Today reported the news first.

Photo Source: Facebook / Brett Lee

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