Ex-Chauffeur Sued By Jennifer Lopez

By admin | 6 years ago

Jennifer Lopez, the actress/singer and ex-judge of American Idol, filed a $20 million lawsuit against her former chauffeur for defamation and extortion. She claims he threatened to make damaging information regarding her available to the public.

Court documents that were obtained by insiders said the Lopez claims that her ex-driver Hakob Manoukian had threatened to release potentially damaging and disruptive information unless she gave him close to $3 million.

Her suit alleges that a Manoukian attorney, who sued Lopez’s manager Benny Medina, Mark Anthony her former husband and Lopez last April for breach of contract, demanded the close to $3 million to avoid the disclosing of personal and sensitive information that was allegedly overheard when he was working for the singer.

The lawsuit by Lopez notes that her ex-chauffeur Manoukian signed a confidentiality agreement prohibiting him from the disclosure of anything he had heard about her family or business. The action taken by Lopez is actually a countersuit that answers the original breach of contract complaint by Manoukian. It denies his allegations that he was not paid the full amount of his salary that they had agreed to.

The suit made by Lopez claims Median and Manoukian had a disagreement during last summer over a team of security personnel that Medina wanted hired against the recommendations of Manoukian. Following that, Lopez says, Manoukian started to become angry and hostile toward Medina and started to plot retaliation against Lopez and Medina. As part of the plot, he ended his employment abruptly with the star and started to threaten her, read the lawsuit.

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