Ex Coach, Alvin Gentry Says Lamar Odom Has Demons But Is A Good Person

By Sumeet Kaur | 2 years ago
Ex Coach, Alvin Gentry Says Lamar Odom Has Demons But Is A Good Person
Alvin Gentry

Former professional basketball player, Lamar Odom is in critical condition and fighting a battle for his life in a Las Vegas hospital. Meanwhile, Alvin Gentry, the American basketball coach is very concerned like many and keeps himself updated with Lamar Odom’s condition.

Odom, 35 was admitted to hospital on Tuesday after he was found lying in an unconscious state in a brothel. Since then, fans have tuned to news channels and websites to keep updated about the medical condition of their favorite basketball player. But people who know him personally and professionally have been associating with his loved ones or visiting hospital to know about his condition.

Gentry has coached Odom from 1999-2003 when Odom was part of the Los Angeles Clippers team. According to John Reid, sports writer at nola.com, Gentry thinks, Odom “is really a unique person…. I think it’s hard for him to say no to people. I think he has an unbelievably good heart.” Gentry said that Odom has also called him up to congratulate when he got job for Pelicans coaching.

After being taken to the hospital on Tuesday, it was found that Odom had consumed drugs and which had landed him in such condition. The investigation also proved that from the day he made his stay in Love Ranch brothel he had been consuming cocaine.

To this, Gentry said, Odom “has his demons” but he has never felt that Odom was not a nice human being. He said that Odom was struck into a bad situation and he wished he would fight this battle and bring positive changes to his life.

Alvin Harris Gentry holds the position of head coach of New Orleans Pelicans in the NBA. The former basketball player has also taken up job as interim head coach in 1994–95 for Miami Heat. After that he coached Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Clippers.

Friends, fans and acquaintances have been sending their best wishes to Odom on social media. Hope he gets well soon.


Photo Source: Twitter/Alvin Gentry

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