Ex-GOP Chair Says Party Strategy Included Suppressing Hispanic and Black Voters

By admin | 6 years ago

According to Jim Greer the former Chairman of the Florida Republican Party, political strategists for the Party met and talked about forms of suppressing the Hispanic and black vote in Florida. He said there is no doubt the lawmakers of the GOP in Florida worked on making sure the Republican Party had a distinct advantage for the upcoming November election by decreasing the amount of early voting and putting up every roadblock possible for all potential voters.

Greer’s claims first became known in deposition that was released in July following his lawsuit against the party due to money, he claimed were promised to him before he resigned in 2010. Greer also reiterated his claims about the party in an interview last week on MSNBC with Reverend Al Sharpton.

Florida as well as a number of other states, has received a great deal of pressure for enacting voter-ID laws that were very restrictive with a goal of combating against voter fraud. A number of people critical of the laws, say they would overwhelmingly hurt minority, young and elderly voters.

The voter ID laws are not the only reason Florida has faced growing criticism. Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, spearheaded an attempt to purge voter rolls in the state and eliminate all the people who possibly were non-citizens on the rolls. That caused a lengthy verbal warfare between the Department of Justice and the state. It ended in a lawsuit the state brought against Homeland Security for denying access to data from the federal government. The DOJ also filed a suit against Florida for breach of the National Voter Registration Act.

Greer was arrested in 2010, on charges of money laundering and grand theft amid allegations he had pocketed party funds in the amount of $125,000. Republican Florida Senator John Thrasher said that the claims made by Greer are completely baseless and was just a way for him to divert negative attention away from himself.

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