Ex-Wife Of John Frusciante Demands More From Musician’s Fortune, Wants $75,000 Now In Alimony From Former RHCP Guitarist

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
Ex-Wife Of John Frusciante Demands More From Musician’s Fortune, Wants $75,000 Now In Alimony From Former RHCP Guitarist
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The estranged wife of former Red Hot Chili Peppers’ guitarist is commanding a $75,000 financial support paid on a monthly basis. Nicole Turley Frusciante, who also happens to be a former bandmate of John Frusciante, has submitted a document to a clerk of court asking that her alimony be increased from the previous $20,000 dole-out as reported by TMZ. Read on.

The said legal papers discussed that she required an above average payment from the present agreed allowance so she can maintain the lifestyle she had when they were she was still married to the celebrated musician. During their union, Nicole was lavished with three homes, a number of personal assistants and a private music studio. The drummer and vocalist for Swahili Blonde revealed that ever since their separation, Frusciante has denounced her of his fortune which she asserts to close in around $14 million. Nicole is desperately trying to make ends meet as she has been left with only $30,000 in her bank account after their separation.

In a report from the Toronto Sun, Frusciante and Nicole were married for a span of 4 years before the latter filed for divorce earlier this year in Los Angeles claiming that they both can never agree on fundamental issues with their union. It was earlier mentioned that since the couple didn’t have any child then child support will never rise as an issue, instead Frusciante’s ex-wife is continuing to press matters for their divorce settlement with an access to his husband’s fortune.

Frusciante’s previous relationships included musicians Toni Oswald and Emily Kokal of Warpaint. He also dated actresses Milla Jovovich and Stella Schnabel. He and Nicole got married in 2011.

The eccentric guitarist who’s fretwork recently inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame has made it clear in an interview with Consequence of Sound last May that he was no longer interested in making music.

“For the last year and a half I made the decision to stop making music for anybody and with no intention of releasing it, which is what I was doing between 2008 and 2012,” the once substance-abusing guitarist disclosed.

After Frusciante left the Peppers  for the second time, the troubled guitar genius has collaborated with Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (“At the Drive-In,” “The Mars Volta”). He was also part of a Los Angeles-based supergroup Kimono Kult which had the aforementioned Rodriguez-Lopez and Turley along with Teri Gender Bender, Dante White-Aliano and Laena Geronimo all performing in their “Hiding In the Light” EP.

Photo Source: John Frusciante/Facebook

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