Exclusive Interview: ‘Storage Wars’ Stars Dan and Laura Dotson Talks about X-Terra, Gold, Online Auction and Juicy Spoilers!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Exclusive Interview: ‘Storage Wars’ Stars Dan and Laura Dotson Talks about X-Terra, Gold, Online Auction and Juicy Spoilers!
Storage Wars

Just recently, Movie News Guide reported about the treasure that Dan and Laura Dotson of “Storage Wars” found in their own backyard. Now, we got an exclusive interview with the couple.

Here are the excerpts from the interview by April Lara

The Dotson couple didn’t know they could make so much money out of their land in Salyersville, Kentucky. It was not until X-Terra Resources struck them a good deal. We asked Dan and Laura how X-Terra approached them for the show. Dan said there was another company wanting to drill on their land, but they refused. When X-Terra Resources came in wanting to drill on their land with a pretty good deal for them, they agreed.

Dan said that X-Terra Resources could make 12 million dollars a year from that land and they get a percentage of that profit. It is also very likely that X-Terra will be doing this on a regular basis. This is definitely one great source of income.

Moving on to other things, we asked Dan and Laura what’s a typical day for them when they’re not filming “Storage Wars.” Laura enthusiastically answered that they have recently dabbled in gold, which they are really fond of as of the moment. They also have launched their own online auctions, www.americanauctioneers.com. The reality TV guest couple do several auctions every day and are busy with their other ventures. Aside from business, they also make sure that they enjoy life.

Speaking of gold, we asked their interest about gold and they told us the story about how they would mine for gold. They first invested a lot of money in it because they believe that it’s going to be a success. The husband and wife would go ride their camper and go camp to hunt for gold.

“The hunt for the gold is so much more fun than finding it,” Dan said. “We have found other gems aside from gold.”

It was great fun interviewing the couple because you can really see how enthusiastic they are to share their ventures, their experiences and of course, the new adventures that they are taking on with their lives. So, we asked what most fans have been dying to know in regards to the teasers on “Storage Wars.”

Dan said that fans should definitely hang onto their seats because the upcoming episodes of “Storage Wars” will bring in a lot of EXPLOSIVE SCENES.

“There’s a lot of stuff happening, there are great characters and it will get a little behind the scenes,” Laura said.

They also mentioned the upcoming “Storage Wars: Miami,” which they will be a part of as well. However, Dan mentioned something about another new show that they are pretty excited about! Curious to know, we asked if that meant they are going to get their own show and somehow their eyes shone, and it kind of gave away the answer, but Dan was quick to “deny” that the team hasn’t given them details yet… Hmmmm. That’s what we are going to find out!

And for their last words… “Don’t forget to pay the lady!”

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Photo source: Facebook/ Dan and Laura Dotson

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