EXO Chen Starts Practice for Award-Winning ‘In the Heights’; Netizen Exposes D.O. Having Multiple Surgeries

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
EXO Chen Starts Practice for Award-Winning ‘In the Heights’; Netizen Exposes D.O. Having Multiple Surgeries
EXO Chen starts practice for “In the Heights” musical.

EXO member Chen is set to take a role in the award-winning Quiara Alegria Hudes musical “In the Heights.” How did he prepare for this? Read on for more details.

EXO Chen (real name Kim Jong-dae) admitted it was a challenge for him appearing in “In the Heights.”

Chen, 22, said he gained the strength and the confidence he needed thanks to other members of EXO.

“Among EXO members, Baekhyun has experience being in a musical, so I received a lot of help from [him],” the “Best Luck” singer said via a report by Soompi.

Last Aug. 19, “In the Heights” held a star-studded press conference where various KPop artists attended. Among them were Yang Dong Geun, Jung Won Young, SHINee’s Key, and others.

“In the Heights” is an award-winning act that was already nominated 13 times in the 2008 Tony Award. And out of 13 nominations, the show won in four categories: Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Choreography, and Best Orchestrations.

Usually, the musical show goes on tour, staging their acts at Brazil, London, Australia, and others. And when one speaks about the show’s rehearsals, it is definitely on par excellence, with every act and detail polished.

So, it is no wonder why EXO Chen had a hard time doing his part in the musical show. Regardless, he can definitely pull it off.

KPopStarz managed to take some snapshots of EXO Chen practicing for their acts as well as a brief performance at a press interview. He was seen wearing white long-sleeves polo shirt, black casual trousers, and white sneakers.

EXO D.O. Exposed of Having Multiple Surgeries

In another EXO story, social media users were arguing at Pann whether EXO D.O. (real name Do Kyung-soo) had plastic surgeries or not. A netizen noted the 22-year-old singer having multiple enhancement surgeries such as Chin Botox, Double Eyelid, and Nose Surgery.

The user compiled previous pictures of D.O., via Koreaboo, commenting he had “flatter nose that is spread left and right.” And after striking a deal with the South Korean entertainment company S.M. Entertainment, the user said D.O.’s nose bridge was modified, lifted between his eyes.

However, D.O.’s supporters were quick to defend their favorite star. One user said, “I think this person constantly posts something insulting D.O. but please stop hahaha Wow I didn’t expect a day would come suspecting D.O. of plastic surgery.”

EXO D.O. is yet to release an official statement to clarify the issue.

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