EXO Concert Tickets Are SOLD OUT In Just Minutes! Fans Love Them So Much

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
EXO Concert Tickets Are SOLD OUT In Just Minutes! Fans Love Them So Much

Hallyu fever is a worldwide phenomenon that has an addicting effect for the fans. EXO is one authentic proof of this massive craze. Everything they do for the fans are always equated with an overwhelming response. Their latest dominance was seen in the recent ticket sales for their forthcoming concert. Read on.

Koreaboo reported that there are 20,000 seats available for their big event entitled 2015-Love CONCERT in DOME. Last Monday, Sept. 21, 2015, these tickets were released online for the excited fans. And guess what? It only needed few minutes to be sold out.

Definitely, their followers waited for the exact second when they will finally grab their own tickets. The same article also highlighted how they become the first ever artist to perform in a South Korean dome, a history in itself. The concert will kick off on Oct. 10, 2015, at the Seoul Gocheok Dome Baseball Stadium.

But were the 20,000 tickets enough for the fans waiting? Before the day of the ticket sales takes place, thousands have already accomplished their ticket reservation. Since there are numerous requests being processed online, the servers crashed for almost an hour. Then when the servers are back to its normal operation, there are no tickets left. An outpour of heartbreaking reactions, disappointments, and regrets are all over the place because of this happening. Google also became a witness to this anticipated ticket release, the popular keywords that day were “EXO,” “Yes 24,” “EXO concert.”


This isn’t the first time the Kpop group’s popularity destroyed online servers. In their “EXO’luxion” concert, fans prepared too for the impending “ticket war.” AllKPop mentioned it only took a fraction of a second, 0.4 seconds to be exact, for the Family section to be sold out. That’s an impressive record sale!

EXO don’t need to prove anything now in this phase of their career. Fans just hope they would have more concerts to follow.

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Photo Source: EXO/Facebook

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