EXO Kai Fulfills A Promise; Will Return To A Radio Program As Guest DJ

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
EXO Kai Fulfills A Promise; Will Return To A Radio Program As Guest DJ
EXO Kai Fulfilled A Promise: He Will Return To A Radio Program As A Guest DJ

What makes EXO different? They are a group of boys with genuine cuteness, prolific talents, immense popularity, and a heart of gold. One of their members, Kai, just proved how important it is to fulfill a promise.

According to an article shared by Soompi, it was recalled that Kai had appeared in the radio program few months ago. In that April 23 airing, he revealed that it was his first time ever to guest in a certain radio show. He even expressed interest that given the chance, he would like to do it again in the near future.

Kai was with other EXO members namely Chen and Chanyeol. Fans become excited when Lee Gook Joo suggested something wonderful. He said they could try hosting the radio program and be the double DJ’s for the day. Without any hesitation, Kai immediately agreed to the idea.

Lee is the host of the SBS Power FM program “Lee Gook Joo’s Youngstreet.” The same article cited that Kai will make a comeback as a DJ for the radio show on October 7. Fans will be thrilled knowing he will be doing the DJ’s work alongside Lee. It airs around 8-10 pm. Regardless of his oxic schedule, he still remembers this promise. What a sweet guy indeed!


Everything that Kai or any EXO member does is magic for their avid followers. Just recently, a picture of him and a cute little kid from Instagram became viral on the internet. This kid is Teo, the child of Ricky Kim. Fans are naming Teo as the mini-me version of Kai. Another picture was posted by Kim on Twitter. These were liked and retweeted for more than 10,000+ times. IB Times had reported the news.

Because of this clamor from the fans to see the charming Kai with the sweetie kid Teo, big network SBS made a decision to feature them both in a forthcoming episode of the program “Oh My Baby.”

Television, concerts, radio shows, and so much more – EXO’s Kai proves that he can just conquer any platform and share his talent with the rest of the world.

Photo Source: EXO/Facebook

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