EXO Kai And His Mini-Me Version Teo To Finally See Each Other On “Oh My Baby” Episode

By Rosella Jane Vargas | 2 years ago
EXO Kai And His Mini-Me Version Teo To Finally See Each Other On “Oh My Baby” Episode
EXO Kai And His Mini-Me Version Teo To Finally See Each Other On “Oh My Baby” Episode

EXO Kai is one of the cutest Hallyu wave stars of the present generation. Imagine having a little version who nearly resembles him and they are would be together in a scene. How adorable is that! Fans won’t have to wait long before this happens as they will soon appear on an episode of a Korean variety show.

Anticipation rose before when the EXO member finally confirmed to shoot for “Oh My Baby” alongside with the news that Teo, his cute mini-me version, will also join the cast. According to All K-Pop, tons of photographs which showed these two were filming for the program were shared on different social media sites, blogs, forums, and threads.

Fans are exchanging opinions as to what they can expect from their meeting and they confirm their predictions on Saturday, Oct. 24, 2015. The particular episode will be aired on that date and to excite all the show’s followers, SBS have already revealed a teaser of the episode prior to the broadcast.


The guest appearance of Kai is to teach lessons to Teo that he must be a good “oppa” or big brother. The kid is still having a difficult time sharing his food for his younger sibling because he wants it all for himself. The unexpected visit from the EXO member will attempt to make the little boy understand how to act and become a good brother.

Tae is the son of Korean actor Ricky Kim. This isn’t the first time they have met. Last September was their first encounter as reported by Soompi. Kim expressed his excitement and gratitude on his social media account regarding their meeting.

“Had such a great time… Thanks for coming by, Kai and Tae Oh. I think Tae Oh had a great time with his new best friend Kai.” Kim posted on his Instagram post.

Don’t miss the episode of EXO Kai and Tae in “Oh My Baby” this weekend!

Photo Source: EXO/Facebook

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