EXO Idol Lay Shy of Kissing Onscreen, Reveals Reason Behind No-Kissing Rule

By Disha Mashelkar | 12 months ago
EXO Idol Lay Shy of Kissing Onscreen, Reveals Reason Behind No-Kissing Rule

Fan favorite EXO Lay has said that he does not film real kissing scenes on screen. This EXO-M idol member is traditional and conservative, which is why he is uncomfortable filming kissing scenes.

Speaking to Chinese reporters at the press conference of his new Chinese drama, Operation Love, he said that he finds it quite difficult to do kissing scenes in dramas. He added that it is probably because he is traditional and conservative.

Lay also said that it is not good for both sides. He was also concerned that some dramas these days overuse kiss scenes, and that too for no reason reports Soompi.

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Lay’s Kissing Style

EXO Lay may not film a real kiss, but he has his own style of doing such scenes. He told the website that in such a case, they will film the shot in such a way just to make it look like a real kiss.

Operation Love Details

In this upcoming Chinese drama, Lay is going to play the lead role. According to Soompi, Operation Love is actually a remake of the Japanese drama. It narrates the story of a man who travels back in time just to change his fate with his first love. This drops a possibility that it could be an interesting love story.

Moreover, Operation Love in Korean drama was remade as Operation Proposal. This remake had starred Park Eun Bin and Yoo Seung Ho.

EXO Lay’s Health

Meanwhile, EXO Lay’s health had become a concern for his fans post his fainting incident in October. It seems he is doing quite well now. The unfortunate incident had occurred just a few days before the EXO’s solo concert that was scheduled in Japan.

Upon fainting, he was immediately transferred to the hospital and given proper treatment. After which SM Entertainment had immediately released an official statement on EXO Lay’s health.

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