EXO-M Member Tao Quitting the Group; Files a Complaint Against S.M. Entertainment

By April Lara | 2 years ago
EXO-M Member Tao Quitting the Group; Files a Complaint Against S.M. Entertainment

Another EXO-M member is filing a complaint against S.M. Entertainment, one of the huge companies in South Korea.

It is very rare for celebrities in South Korea to file against the management agency but EXO-M member, Tao followed Kris and Luhan’s steps, who are former members of EXO-M, and filed a complaint against the agency. Tao complains that the training sessions from S.M. Entertainment is too much.

“Every day was an eight to ten-hour practice day. In the first three months, I averaged 4-5 hours of sleep a night,” he said, according to ChinaTopix. Tao also said he stays up until four or five in the morning to practice. However, Tao remains grateful to the company as it helped him launch his career.

Just recently, Tao made his solo debut with a mini album titled “T.A.O.” He said that he won’t forget how S.M. Entertainment helped him in his career and in shaping his character. It was the talent agency who gave him his first break in the music industry, “They would tell us, we would not be here today if it were not for every single person around us; each person who contributes is precious. They would say, if one day we reach the number one spot, we must stay humble. They taught me a lot,” he said.

Tao has been very vocal with all the hardships he goes through in South Korea. There was an earlier interview where he broke down and told his story of being alone for 4 years with no one to help him.

Tao is definitely not returning as a member of EXO-M but he has yet to officially confirm this.

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Photo source: Facebook/Exo-M

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