EXO Member Baekhyun Wants Long Lasting Relationship with Members

By Irawati Awate | 2 years ago
EXO Member Baekhyun Wants Long Lasting Relationship with Members

Much to the controversy of lawsuit and departing of members have created a cause of concern in the minds of the EXO fans. But the success of “Exodus,” an album released in early 2015, tells a complete different story. EXO, a South Korean boy band, has started with twelve members in 2011. Their album ‘XOXO’ was best selling album of 2013. But subsequently in May 2014, one of the band members Kris filed a lawsuit for his removal from the group which was later followed by Luhan in October. The S.M. Entertainment formed group did not showed any side effects as they released their album ‘Exodus’ in 2015. But the leakage of members was not finished yet, as Tao another member of the boy band filed a lawsuit on request of his father to return to china.


Most recently, Suho, a member of the group, announced a new album to continue their trend of winter album release. The news was a huge sigh of relief and joy to the fans. Further to add more joy, according to Kpopstarz.com, Xiumin and Baekhyun, the EXO band members were shooting for ‘Singles’ Magazine’s coverboys. In an interview, Baekhyun admitted his willingness to work with the band members for a long time. He started by describing his debut as a dream come true and continued, “I want to work with EXO members for a long time, and I want us to go up another step.”


Meanwhile, Xiumin is also following his career in acting, and according to Storyclash.com, he felt a huge difference in performing as EXO member and as an actor while in front of camera. He said having a camera as a band member you stare right into the camera and perform but it is exactly the opposite when you enter in the frame as an actor. But due to his routine tendency to be in front of the camera as a singer, he repeatedly yelled as he looked straight in to the camera while shooting as an actor, laughed the enthusiastic Xiumin.

As of now it looks like a long lasting relationship for Baekhyun and Xiumin, but what about other seven. Are they on the same path? Share your views in the comments below.

Photo Source: EXO/Facebook

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