EXO Member Kai Finally Meets Up With His Baby Doppelganger Tae Oh!

By April Lara | 2 years ago
EXO Member Kai Finally Meets Up With His Baby Doppelganger Tae Oh!

Such adorable photos came in over the weekend and it includes k-pop group EXO member Kai and Ricky Kim’s son, Tae Oh! Tae Oh is known to be Kai’s baby doppelgänger and ever since fans are going crazy over this adorable child. And now, the two have finally met!

Ricky Kim took to his Twitter and Instagram account to share the photos of Tae Oh and Kai, spending time together while holding hands. Ricky placed the caption, “I think Tae Oh had a great time… with… his new best friend Kai.” He also added, “Thanks for coming by Kai & Tae Oh.”

He posted this last September 4, 2015 and fans went crazy over the adorable photos! Some even can’t believe their eyes when they saw photos or Kai and Tae Oh together. While others are so happy that they have finally met and was able to spend some time together.

I think 태오 had a great time…with…his new best friend 카이~~

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Tae Oh became popular when he was seen in SBS’ “Oh! My Baby” and a lot of fans noted how much he looks like EXO’s Kai. Last year, in October, the news of him having a baby doppelgänger reached the EXO lead dance and sent him a video message during the press conference for “Oh! My Baby!”

He said on the video message that he heard that there’s a baby having similar appearance to him who has grabbed hearts of the fans. He added, “Hey, Tae Oh. I’m enjoying the broadcasts. Let’s meet someday and eat. I will buy.”

And Kai did follow through with his promise and when the photos were released online, the two started trending worldwide. The good news is that fans will be able to see this bonding experience on an episode of “Oh! My Baby,” which will air sometime this month.

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Photo source: Facebook/Kai EXO

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