EXO Tao Abused And Discriminated; Rapper Reveals SM Entertainment Favors Korean Members

By Mardielyn | 2 years ago
EXO Tao Abused And Discriminated; Rapper Reveals SM Entertainment Favors Korean Members

Former EXO member Huang Zitao a.k.a Tao and SM Entertainment lawsuit is far from over as another shocking detail has been revealed. Read On!

It was not long ago when EXO Tao ended his contract with his Korean record label, SM Entertainment which fueled speculations that the Chinese member was mistreated by his company and co-members.

His departure led SM Entertainment to file a lawsuit against the rapper as the company claimed that he has made illegal commitments, cited by All Kpop.

The lawsuit that was filed against Tao includes the company that produced his solo album. SM Entertainment claimed that the 22-year-old pop star former trainee failed to fulfill his commitments to the company.

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Moreover, the lawsuit also stated that Tao did not give a proper notice to his former record label regarding his other activities which the company called as “illegal celebrity activities.”

“Tao had already been in contact with a different company in April 2015 and started celebrity activities and proceeded with album production, leaving the team and the agency without notice. In this way, Tao used the fame he achieved from EXO to appear on advertisements and broadcasts, and on August 24, 2015, he filed a lawsuit against us at the Seoul court. Until the court makes its final decision, the contract between SM and Tao is still in effect, and Tao must uphold the contract and cannot carry out illegal celebrity activities.” –via All Kpop

Tao in return released an official statement regarding the lawsuit and claimed that his former record label was making up false allegations in an effort to make his fans turn against him.

According to International Business Times, the young pop star only terminated his contract with his former record label because he was “mistreated.”

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Adding on, Tao also said that SM Entertainment was “discriminating” between Chinese and Korean celebrities and explained that during his days in the company, “he went through severe mental and physical stress during his time with EXO.”

It was also reported that even Tao’s father tried to negotiate with his record label eight times but his appeal to modify the case was denied by the company.

In response to this, EXO Tao filed a contract nullification lawsuit.

“It becomes most clear from SM’s insincere attitude towards resolving their conflict that Tao had not been respected, Due to this, Tao filed his contract nullification lawsuit at the Seoul Central Court on August 24, 2015. Tao filed the lawsuit without much choice, no longer able to endure the issues mentioned above.”—via International Business Times

The representative even stated that the Korean record label was just trying to ruin their former artist’s “celebrity rights” as they claimed that this feud will cause a “negative impact” on the Korean-Chinese cultural relationship.

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Photo Source: Facebook| EXO – TAO

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