Is EXO’s Lay Leaving The Group To Join Kris, Luhan And Tao in China?

By April Lara | 2 years ago
Is EXO’s Lay Leaving The Group To Join Kris, Luhan And Tao in China?

Is another member of Kpop group EXO leaving? It looks like Lay will follow the footsteps of Kris, Luhan and Tao. Read on to know more details.

Rumor has it that Lay has always been uncomfortable of the fact that he is the only Chinese member of EXO. This is one of the reasons why he might leave the group. Just recently, reports came that Lay will reunite with Kris and Luhan for a Bazaar Charity Night in China.

However, SM Entertainment, Lay’s agency, was quick to shut down such report and calling it fake. On the other hand, Koreaboo claims that Luhan and Kris were really invited to join the event as well as Lay, but he had to turn it down due to his busy schedule.

Ever since Kris, Tao and Luhan left EXO, fans have been speculating that Lay will also leave the group and start his own career. Some also speculate that Lay plans to leave for China and leave the Kpop group.

During an interview with All Kpop recently, Lay said that he is very happy with the new careers of his former group mates but said that he has no plan of leaving EXO. He also said that he already has a plan about his career and he will not return to China until he achieves it. People have been comparing him to his former group mates because they are all Chinese but Lay made it clear that he is doing things differently. Lay also said that he will always bring China with him and will always promote his own culture, wherever he is.

More and more rumours about EXO disbanding are starting to resurface online. In fact, as previously reported here, Chen is also rumoured to leave SM Entertainment and EXO to pursue a different career path. However, he hasn’t cleared this rumor yet.

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