What to Expect from ‘Damage Control’, Marvel’s New Comedy Series

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
What to Expect from ‘Damage Control’, Marvel’s New Comedy Series
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) might be set to dominate the big screens for the next twenty years or so, but Marvel Studios is expanding its television mythos as well. A new comedy series “Damage Control” has been picked up by ABC for a pilot. Read on for more details.

ABC already has Marvel’s “Agents Of Shield” following the adventures of Phil Coulson and co., but “Damage Control” is in a different vein all together. Ever wonder what happens after the superheroes fight their climactic battles and leave a trail of rubble and collateral damage? It is up to the overworked and underpaid team of Damage Control. They are a specialized clean-up crew that repairs property damage due to superhero fights. The half hour long single camera sitcom is coming to ABC, where the employees of DC must achieve tasks like “finding a lost ray gun, rescheduling a wedding after its venue was vaporized, or tracking down a prized parrot that’s been turned to stone.” (via IGN)

ABC and Marvel already have a good cooperative relation with hit dramas “Agents of Shields” and “Agent Carter.” The new series is being developed by “Modern Family” and “The Daily Show” producer Ben Karlin (who, with 8 Emmy awards, seems like the perfect person to make the new show).

But “Damage Control” is not all the Marvel coming to TV, “Marvel’s Most Wanted,” which will revolve around Adrianne Palicki‘s character Mockingbird and Nick Blood Lance Hunter, is also in development at ABC.

Meanwhile, DC Universe has not been left far behind and they are developing their own comedy show entitled “Powerless” at NBC. Reported to be in the vein to NBC staple “the Office”, the show will feature on an everyman in the DC Universe filled with high-powered superheroes and villains (via Deadline).

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