Expect The Unexpected In “The Royals” Season 2

By Ila Samant | 2 years ago
Expect The Unexpected In “The Royals” Season 2
PHOTOGRAPH: Rajlaxmi | Queen Helena is all set to surprise us with her cunning schemes and Jasper and Eleanor are expected to find better compatibility between each other. All this and many more things are about to happen in The Royals season 2.

The ascension of Cyrus to king following the death of King Simon after a mysterious attack, marked the end of first season of “The Royals.” Simon’s children are trying to overcome the loss of their father and find themselves distanced from their mother after all of her schemes and lies. After all the drama and action, season one of “The Royals” met an inconclusive end. There are many things that are yet to be discovered. Keep a watchful eye on the new turn of events in season 2 of “The Royals.”

The first preview of new season 2 of the Royals according to the Screenfad, has been released by E! and it continues to showcase all of the past ingredients of scheming, money and sex.

After crowning himself as the king, Cyrus is enthralled by his development in life. Liam on the other hand is determined to bring justice to his father’s death. It is quite likely that he may vent out his vengeance on Cyrus.

Meanwhile, Helena is surrounded by her numerous schemes and her children continue to hate her. Eleanor is still small and the behaviour depicted by her is evident of it, and is taken care of under the watchful eyes of Jasper.

In the first season, there were numerous earth-shattering secret and jaw-dropping bombs. An unexpected allegiance between Jasper and Eleanor, a breakup, a bloody fist fight (you must be aware of the fierce uppercut from crown prince), and a surprise revelation of pregnancy.

There is no shortage of twists and turns in season 2 of “The Royals.”

Hurley, as per the Entertainment Weekly, playing the role of Queen Helena, wants her character to be really bad. It is not redemption that she is looking for, as it is something which is portrayed by many actresses in the past. As one can make out from the first season, the Queen does not get pushed down by small unexpected hurdles, and it expected that she might become the reigning monarch.

Numerous fans have turned their heads away from the uncomfortable storyline between Jasper and Eleanor. However, Park is pretty comfortable with playing this role and she does not want it to go away. The 26-year old Park says that there is something out of the ordinary in this love story. It is not just another nice guy meets a troubled girl type.

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