Extant Recap: A New World

By Alex | 3 years ago

Extant” Season 1 Finale Episode 11 “A New World” aired on Wednesday, Sept 3, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. Molly continues to struggle with her decision between saving her son and the entire human race. Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) Episode 11 “A New World” recap.

“A New World” was directed by Kevin Dowling and written by Eliza Clark. The episode started off with Yasumoto’s betrayal, but Molly still wanted to warn him about the dangerous powers of her offspring. Unfortunately, her pleas were ignored, and Yasumoto continued with his plans.

He ordered his own men to get Molly’s son, but they perished from the fire. Despite the loss of his own men, Yasumoto still wanted to have the baby to himself. He even warned her that he got all of her family members, which was not true. They only got a hold on John while Ethan was still missing.

Speaking of Ethan, he was saved by John from Yasumoto. He was going to see Julie at the lab, but it was Odin who saw him instead. Odin started to tinker on his parts. He lied about John’s mission on keeping Ethan as his son. Odin also put an explosive inside to kill other innocent people.

Molly, on the other hand, continued her search for her son. Kern felt unsure if it’s right for Molly to reunite with her alien offspring. She returned for his mission and found the location of the hotel where the group was staying. It was Dr. Mason who saw her and used her as his shield. To his surprise, Dr. Mason was shot by Sparks.

In the end, Kern and the entire ISEA helped her because of Yasumoto’s dark motives. He also shared that Sparks used Molly just like what he did to Katie and the other astronauts. She called on Yasumoto again. She lied that she and Sparks already found her offspring. The corporate CEO gave John back to Molly again.

Little did he know, Molly lied, and he was arrested by the ISEA. It was revealed that Yasumoto found a piece of the meteorite that kept him immortal for more than 100 years.

Unfortunately, the offspring said that he did not want to save anyone. He confessed that he just used his mother, Molly, to distract Sparks so he could go inside the organization’s mainframe. The good thing was Molly stopped him, but it was already too late. The episode ended with Glass being close with Katie, who also got “pregnant” with her own offspring.

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