Extant Recap: What on Earth Is Wrong? [WATCH VIDEO]

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Extant” Season 1 Episode 5 “What on Earth Is Wrong?” aired on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014, at 9:00 p.m. on CBS. Molly investigated on the altered truth about her mysterious pregnancy. Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) Episode 5 “What on Earth Is Wrong?” recap.

Previously on Episode 4 “Shelter,” (air date: July 30, 2014), Molly (Halle Berry), John (Goran Visnjic) and Ethan (Pierre Morgan) went to hide in an island where Quinn (Louis Gossett Jr.), Molly’s father, resides. Unfortunately, Alan Sparks (Michael O’Neill) and his men followed them there. Molly was captured for examination after seeing her unconscious humanoid son.

Episode 5 “What on Earth Is Wrong?” was directed by Dan Lerner and written by Peter Ocko. Molly woke up from a drug-induced sleep. She dreamed about an awful event from her past life. The dream was set during the day when Marcus (Sergio Hatford) died. She convinced him to let her accompany him for a drive. It was revealed that they were involved in an unfortunate car accident that caused the life of Marcus and their unborn child.

Back to the present, Molly and Ethan were found at the clearing after hours of searching. The doctor examined her and brought her the bad news. She was never pregnant, so there was really no baby. Everyone was shocked about the revelation including Molly.

The previous episode ended with Hideki Yasumoto (Hiroyuki Sanada) looking the preparation made in the lab. Molly failed to escape from them. Before she went unconscious, Molly saw the scientist slicing her abdomen. Molly needed to find Sam (Camryn Manheim) for help. She asked her friend to support her, but Sam didn’t. Alan succeeded in scaring off Sam from Molly’s case.

The good thing was John remained supportive of her no matter what. It seemed enough for Molly that she continued with the investigation. She remembered about the towel that her father used in cleaning the wound from a dog bite. When they examined it, Molly and John found out about the mysterious DNA included in her blood.

Molly went to confront Alan at the International Space Exploration Agency (ISEA). She lied about her true motives, but she knew Alan didn’t believe her either. Alan inquired about the worms that died during her space exploration journey. He and Molly used a special algorithm to the video footages. Later, Molly saw that several mysterious spores, which attacked the worms, were present in her “encounter” with Marcus in the secret video she kept.

Elsewhere, John and Julie examined Ethan. They learned that he was badly injured from the electric rod that the armed men used on him. It was later revealed that both of them worked on the humanoid project. Ethan was supposed to be given to a family, but John decided to keep him. They had an argument about the humanoid child.

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