Extant Season 1 Finale Recap: Ascension

By Alex | 3 years ago

“Ascension” was  directed by Miguel Sapochnik and written by Mickey Fisher. The most-awaited season finale has finally answered some of the baffling questions regarding the mysterious spores invasion. Molly was designated to aboard the Seraphim to save both her fellow astronauts, Shawn and Katie. Her other mission was to keep the infected ship in the orbit to avoid it from spreading on Earth.

With the help of her helmet, Molly found Shawn among the spore people inside the ship. She also learned that Katie was already killed by her alien baby, who sprang from her body. She met again with the spore-version Katie and fought with her. Molly almost won when she found out that she lost one of her gloves.

Meanwhile, John got his hands full with another problem — Ethan. In the previous episodes, Odin successfully brainwashed Ethan with lies regarding his family. It was in order to put a bomb inside him, endangering the lives of everyone inside the ISEA building. Julie saw the video feed about Odin’s honeycomb. Despite hurting himself, John told the bomb squad to move away and faced the bomb problem on his own.

At the lab, the ISEA director has told everyone to shut down everything because the alien offspring was now inside the building. It seems that the ISEA doesn’t care if they still have no connection with Molly, who was now stuck in space. Upon learning, John told Ethan the current situation they are in. Ethan shared that the spore child may manipulate human brains aside from him, who was a man-made humanoid.

Molly, on the other hand, has to go with her Plan C. She must now get Shawn by force before the infection hit her as well. She almost got attacked by him after showing a vision of her and Marcus. The good thing was that she caught him right on time and went on disarming the bombs. Unfortunately, Benjamin told them that their infection might is a problem that’s why he’s letting them go.

It was Ethan who went to the control room with ISEA’s help. The alien found him and tried to manipulate him. Ethan got the upper hand because he doesn’t have a human brain just like normal people do. The only problem was the authentication process needed a human handprint. Ethan decided to do it even though the bomb inside him exploded.

Both John and Molly told him not to do it, but he pointed out that it might be his true purpose. He said to the alien child that he is also Molly’s son that’s why he knew that he won’t hurt her. He also told him to run before everything exploded.

The episode ended with an interesting cliffhanger as the alien boy was still on the loose. Another couple adopted him, as Molly and John mourned Ethan’s ultimate sacrifice for the entire human race. In the end, she was happy to hear Ethan’s voice in every screen inside their home.

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