Eye Candy Season 1 Recap: AMA

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Eye Candy Season 1 Recap: AMA
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In the latest episode of “Eye Candy” Season 1, Episode 8 “AMA” the darkness of Babylon has been revealed and what went down this episode centered on Babylon. Read on for more details.

Babylon is a website portal where anyone and everyone can buy and sell whatever they like may it be organs or even suicides. Yes, it’s that freaky.

To make things even freakier, the episode kicked off with a drugged man in front of his computer. She got a message saying “An eye for an eye.” He took it literally and stabbed his own eye using a pair of scissors. Ack!

This guy is named Edward Kent, as identified by the CCU together with Lindy. He is actually a model, one of the top models and also a photography student. He told the public that he lost his eye. It was because he got mugged so Tommy and Yeager went to visit him. They tricked him by telling him that they had the wrong address for the mugging and they will just email him with further information. The moment Edward opens his email, Lindy can now access everything.

Lindy was browsing the Babylon website when she came across a girl’s photo that looks like her sister. She sent the photo to George. He told her that the picture hasn’t been edited and said that the picture was taken in their hometown 3 years ago. It means that her sister has been using Babylon. Aside from that, there was also a case file hidden in the photo. Before they could dwell on that, Tessa showed up and said that she has a friend on the way.

A flashback was shown where we saw how Lindy and George met. It is during Lindy’s audition for The Outliers and this was also the time that Tommy created a plan for Lindy.

Back in the present, Lindy told George that they need to hack the CCU and George was more than pleased to do so. On the other hand, the CCU was watching Kent very closely. They found out that he just deleted one of his prostitutes from Babylon. They found out that Kent liked to get rough with the girls, which is why he lost his eye.

In the station, Katherine suggested that Lindy’s place with them becomes official but since she had other things in mind, she distracted her and got her alone time with the files in the station. The files that she found told her that it was Tommy’s idea to use Lindy to get to Bubonic. She tracked down the number found on her sister’s bracelet. When she did she came across an evidence box, inside was a phone and it rang. It was the Flirtual Killer on the other line.

Still on Kent’s case, Tommy and Yeager visited his assistant named Luca. It turns out that one of Kent’s purchased prostitutes is his sister but now has a damaged eye. Luca said that he finally got revenge on Kent.

We had another flashback during Lindy and Ben’s first meeting. Ben tried to make contact before Tommy could. He even gave her a necklace that he said meant a lot to him but it was actually a tracker.

Lindy met Bubonic and Lindy agreed to work for him. Ben heard everything that she had her arrested to keep her safe. Inside the CCU, the Flirtual Killer trapped Lindy and showed her more evidence of Tommy, Ben and Katherine’s betrayals. The worse would be Katherine. It was because she knows a lot more about Lindy’s sister but didn’t tell her. She also found out that Tommy knows about this so she confronted him and she quit.

Tessa has been acting strange so Sophia called up her parents. It turns out that her parents aren’t really going to get a divorce. She confronted Tessa about this. She admitted that she lied, but Sophia still forgave her. After a while, Sophia asked Tessa if she’s coming to the club tonight. Tessa said she has a date. That’s when Connor figured out that the guy earlier that Tessa was making out with was one of Lindy’s picks on Flirtual. It meant that Tessa is dating one of Lindy’s matches and she was even wearing her clothes.

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