Eye Candy Season 1 Recap: FYEO

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Eye Candy Season 1 Recap: FYEO
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In “Eye Candy” Season 1, Episode 9 “FYEO” it looks like the identity of the Flirtual Killer has been finally revealed.

The episode started with two guys on Hart Island burying a couple of dead bodies. The camera zooms into a woman’s arm that looks like the body is still fresh. Cut to the IRL, Sophia found Oliver’s rotting body at the IRL.

Meanwhile, Lindy confronted Katherine about Sara. Katherine said that she didn’t give her all the information about Sara. It was because it wasn’t definitive and it was actually her niece Mary. She knows Sara because Sara was in the cell next to her. After gathering the information that she needs, Katherine got a call from Tommy. It was after that call a man wearing a ski mask attacked her. She got away, but she got hit by a truck and was in a very critical condition.

Tessa is in the bathroom, flustered but she didn’t tell Sophia that something’s wrong. Sophia had a strong feeling that she’s hiding something from her. She grabbed her phone and saw all the Flirtual matches that she’s been dating.

Lindy got to Mary and Mary told her that they were drugged and were kept in dog kennels. Sara hid all of the medicines that were given to her. Mary was able to escape. She was able to help the others but Sara overdosed on painkillers and she never got the chance to save her.

Sophia told Lindy about Tessa. She came to a conclusion that Tessa’s obsessed with the person who’s obsessed with Lindy. After that, Tommy said that they found a note from the killer during Katherine’s attack, it says, “I did it for you, Lindy.” Lindy then talked to Jake about Hart Island. Jake said that he will help her get there and find the body of Sarah.

At the station, Tommy told Connor that Hamish Stone Publication. It is where Connor works for is one of the main people behind Babylon. Connor agreed to help him break into the servers. When they got there, Hamish caught up with them and offered that he will shut down Babylon. He has a clue about the killer and let him go or he can arrest him on the spot.

It turns out that Sophia is taking drugs for her brain tumor. Once in the shower, the killer got there and she begged him to kill her because she couldn’t do it herself. The killer slashed her throat.

Jake and Lindy are in Hart Island already. Tommy was able to talk to Katherine who remembers the face of her attacker, Tommy asked to write it down and she wrote: Jake.

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