Eye Candy Season 1 Recap: ICU

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Eye Candy Season 1 Recap: ICU
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A mystery in a hospital alerted Tommy and Lindy. It was was one of those moments that Lindy accepted help from her stalker. If you missed “Eye Candy” Season 1, Episode 6 “ICU” you can read the full recap below.

The episode kicked off with a patient about to undergo a surgery. He was reassured by a nurse named Lawrence that there would be no pain. He was having a brain surgery until a machine starts beeping in the operating room. Then, the doctors and nurses passed out because of the nitrous oxide that has polluted the air.

The scene changed to Lindy who was busy cooking for Jake. It didn’t go well and Jake cancelled. Tommy showed up to tell her about the incident and a Dr.Wells was the one who performed the surgery. They jumped into the conclusion that the operating room was hacked but they need to get proof. Tommy asked her to check who and what’s causing it from the inside of the hospital.

When Lindy got there she went to Dr. Wells and she found out that she was Tommy’s ex. Wells gave her a key card to access the server room and located a wireless access point from there found on the fourth floor, the ICU. Lindy figured out that it is the one being used by the hacker.

Lindy took a bunch of medications to get herself a fever, as well as, to make her heart rate faster so she could be brought to the hospital. Once there, she asked George to hack into the system to find out what could make her be brought to the ICU. George told her that she should have a seizure or something and Lindy did what he told her.

Just like the way she planned it, she was brought to the ICU. She met a girl named Ericka there who’s dying and hooked up in a lot of machines. Ericka has become quite the pessimist. Meanwhile, Tommy spotted suspicious carpet cleaning van outside the hospital. When he opened it up right after calling Detective Yeager, he found George who was helping Lindy.

Back at the ICU, Lindy’s doctor wasn’t convinced that Lindy’s sick and had to have more tests done. When the doctor left the room, she wandered outside with her tablet trying to locate the wireless router and she located it at the chapel. She was interrupted by Lawrence who told her that it was time for her lumbar puncture. To save Lindy, Tommy pretended to be her fiancé but it wasn’t enough until Dr. Wells saved them both.

At first, Tommy thought Lawrence was the one behind it. Lindy has already investigated and found that Lawrence was away when Ericka died via his social media. With that, they diverted their attention towards Ericka’s boyfriend, Mark. It was revealed that he was so mad about his girlfriend’s condition. Lindy talked to him but she wasn’t able to get the information that she needed. Mark only told her that Erika had accepted her fate even before she died.

Still, Lindy prodded on and found Mark’s work ID. He and Ericka works in a company that produced antivirus software. When Erika’s death was placed in the system, a virus was then released to shut down the ICU machines. Mark said that he never wanted that, which means that Ericka did it on purpose. It was because she thinks the hospital is responsible for her condition. Mark also told them that Erika would have made a killswitch, a tiny device and they found out that she swallowed it.

They all headed to the morgue to cut her open but the killswitch requires an authorization code. Right on cue, Lindy got a text from her stalker asking her if she needs help and she said yes. The stalker sent her a formula and it worked.

When Lindy got home she got a present from Jake, a book titled “The Most Incredible Restaurants around the World” as an apology for cancelling dinner.

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