Eye Candy Season 1 Recap: SOS

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Eye Candy Season 1 Recap: SOS
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A building with several rooms that’s being rented out is surrounded by video cameras that tapes the customers in every room. It looks like each of them gets drugged and this reached Lindy’s knowledge and decided to resolve it by using herself as bait in “Eye Candy” Season 1, Episode 7 “SOS.” Read on for more details.

The episode kicked off with a couple on their way to a rented condo that they availed via Virtual Slumber. It was the typical romantic night for two until the two slept. When Nick woke up he had scratches on his back and his girlfriend, Beth has been knocked out.

Meanwhile, Jake met up with Lindy to ask a favor. It turns out that Nick is Jake’s friend and he learned of what happened. The case has to be reported but since he couldn’t go to the cops he asked Lindy for help and Lindy agreed to help him. Jake expressed his gratitude by kissing Lindy. After a while, Lindy got a text from the Flirtual Killer, “How did that taste, Lindy?” The killer managed to hack into security cameras and can now watch almost everyone’s every move.

Sophia’s friend from boarding school is staying at the apartment. She’s always known her to be fun but her attitude has changed. Lindy asked George for help to get information on Virtual Slumber. Lindy got herself a room. They found out that the building has video cameras all over that sends it through the Internet, specifically on a website called Doll’s House. They took it to the cops.

Lindy was worried about Sophia and her friend who’s staying over so she urged her to tell Tessa about the killer. Sophia was hesitant at first but later on, Oliver and Sophia told Tessa about the killer. Durprisingly, Tessa wasn’t at all rattled, which Sophia found bothersome.

George was extracting information until he came across several footages of Nick with other girls and he took it up to Beth. Beth said that she knows he’s cheating on her and she’s actually planning to get revenge. Just when they were about to solve the mystery someone bought Lindy and Lindy decided to use herself as bait. She told Conner, Tessa and Sophia to distance themselves. Tommy hacked up a plan to trap the person on the other side of the computer and his plan involved him going with Lindy into the building.

On the other hand, George and Jake planned to crash it while Tessa and Sophia didn’t follow Lindy’s instructions to stay away while the plan’s in motion so she told them to follow her to the CCU.

When Lindy got to the apartment, she immediately switched the drugged wine. Tommy got a call that they were being streamed into the website so they shared a passionate kiss while Jake saw the whole thing from George’s van.

Tessa finally admitted why she’s been acting weird: her parents got divorced and her ex-boyfriend died.

Someone was also behind the mirror at the apartment and Lindy realized that it wasn’t the wine that was drugged but the pillow and she couldn’t contact Tommy anymore. Suddenly, someone attacked Lindy and got knocked out. Jake realized that the video has been tampered with and when he told the cops about this it was too late. Lindy was all chained up. She tried to set herself free but the attacked gagged her and the video was still streaming online. Tommy heard Lindy’s screams and was able to save Lindy.

It turns out that the attacked named Michael Doll works for Babylon who paid him to scare Lindy but not to hurt her. He also had a message from the Flirtual Killer for Lindy, “He has the power. He always has the power to harm you. But never would. Never could. You broke his heart.”

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