Beyonce Dead in a Ghastly Car Crash: A Rumour That Spread Like Wild Fire!

By Marie delos Santos | 3 years ago
Beyonce Dead in a Ghastly Car Crash: A Rumour That Spread Like Wild Fire!
PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Asterio Tecson |

In the last week of February, rumors about Beyonce Knowles death in a massive car accident on her way home caused quite a stir in the industry.

Another day, another death hoax. Beyonce is well and healthy. A fake CNN article claimed that Beyonce met a tragic accident on her way home after a meeting with one of her executives.

Fans went wild after reading the article, labeled “Breaking News” and headlined “Music Sensation Beyonce Knowles Dies in Car Crash.” The hashtag #RIPBeyonce immediately became trending and fans started tweeting some of their favorite memories of the “Love on Top” singer.

According to Gossip Cop, the article stated that her alleged death “marks a huge blow to an industry (sic)” and that Beyonce’s husband, Jay Z has yet to comment on the incident. The outlet that despite the article’s awkward sentence composition, fans still believed and shared the fake news to other people.

As if the fake article wasn’t alone to cause frenzy among Bey’s fans, a fake CNN twitter account named “@CnnNewsFacts” tweeted Beyonce’s death. The said tweet came with an image of a car crash to make more fans believe that the news was true. The outlet noted, though, that the image used was from Paul Walker’s car accident in 2013.

We wonder how Taylor Swift would react if she read the article? After all, she claims to love Beyonce “more than” other people do.

In an interview with KissFMUK via Us Weekly, Taylor Swift admitted that she loves Beyonce “more than the normal amount.” What does she mean by normal amount, anyway?

When asked if her admiration for Beyonce has already reached unhealthy levels, Swift revealed that she tries not to let it get creepy. “I just really like, channel it into a joyous admiration and appreciation,” she says.

As if the interview alone wasn’t enough to prove how much she loves Bey, she gushed about the “7/11” singer in an interview with Nick Grimshaw for BBC Radio 1. “She’s awesome,” she remarked. She added that everyone at the party should “Dance As if Beyonce is Watching You.” Talk about keeping it at healthy levels, huh?

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Asterio Tecson


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