F1 Racer Michael Schumacher Recuperates; Celebrates Wedding Anniversary With Wife Corinna

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
F1 Racer Michael Schumacher Recuperates; Celebrates Wedding Anniversary With Wife Corinna
Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher celebrated his 20th anniversary with his wife as fans showed support for the recuperation race car driver.

Michael Schumacher and wife Corinna Schumacher had a quiet ceremony on their 20th wedding anniversary last week. The race-car legend is currently recovering from a head injury in a 2013 skiing accident. The grievous injury had put him in a coma, but he has is feeling better and better everyday. The F1 racing legend’s manager, Sabine Kehm, has said Schumacher is making progress “appropriate to the severity of the situation”.

The skiing accident had surprised the world and many couldn’t have felt hopeful after Schumacher fell into the deep coma, but he came to after much struggle from the medical team and his wife is being extremely helpful and supportive since then. It is obvious that Corinna and Michael were a good match for each other.

An insider source revealed to Gospel Herald that Michael was always loyal to Corinna. The F1 chanpion was never attracted to women of the racing world. “All the models, the groupies, the…pit-stop girls never meant a thing to Michael,” British website, Express had reported recently. “They [the Schumachers] truly married their souls as well as their bodies. He doesn’t know she’s in the room with him in Grenoble but all the time that positive love is flowing into him. No one loves him more than Corinna.”

Both Michael and Corinna grew up in the same part of Germany. They had both grown up in a small town setting. The couple reportedly met each other at a Ferrari party, where they apparently fell deeply in love. They have been together ever since.

We wish the racecar legend a speedy recovery to good health and a happy life ahead. Readers, please leave your best wishes in the comments section below.

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Photo Source: Michael Schumacher / Facebook


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