Facebook Photo Causes Man to Assault Girlfriend

By admin | 6 years ago

A man in Tennessee has been accused of smashing the laptop of his girlfriend and assaulting her after he saw a picture of Mitt Romney on her Facebook page. Mitt Romney usually does not have any problem with being recognized today. However, a Tennessee man by the name of Lowell Turpin does not know who the presumptive Republican presidential candidate is. Turpin thinks the former Governor of Massachusetts is a rival for the heart of his girlfriend.

Turpin, 40, from Clinton, Tennessee was angered that is girlfriend, who he lives with, posted Romney’s smiling face on her Facebook. Turpin demanded she tell him who the man was as he smashed her laptop into the wall and then hit her in her face with his closed fist. The woman’s lip was split and her wrist was injured. Police arrested Turpin for domestic assault.

Many Americans it seems take a special type of glee in the absurdities of the Republican’s style for primetime. People have chuckled over how perfect his hair is and how his family vacations are portrait studio perfect.

Much of the likeability factor of President Obama over Romney matters when it comes to voters. What is surprising is that despite the huge sums of money the Republicans have raised for Romney there is still a large portion of the population that do not know who the man his.

One of those was Turpin prior to his running into the law and paying a big price to find out who the Republican presidential candidate really is.


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