Facts About Valentine’s Day

By Sandip Pal | 3 years ago
Facts About Valentine’s Day
Tree decorated for Valentine’s Day in San Diego, California

In the late third century AD, a man named Valentinus was martyred on Feb. 14. It is said that St. Valentine has inspired the world’s most romantic holiday, but they may have been two different men. The Roman Catholic Church officially recognizes St. Valentine as a real person who died in 270 AD. One account states that Valentine as a temple priest who was beheaded by the emperor Claudius II. Another account states that Valentine was the Bishop of Temi who was also martyred by Claudius. A lot of confusion surrounds the true identity of St. Valentine.

There are a dozen of St. Valentines

The saint we celebrate on Valentine’s Day is known officially as the St. Valentine of Rome so that he can be differentiated from the dozens of other Valentines on the list. This was because the Latin term Valentinus was a powerful name and several martyrs have carried this moniker.

Geoffrey Chaucer may have invented Valentine’s Day

There were no records of Valentine’s Day celebration prior to a poem Chaucer wrote around 1375. In his poem “Parliament of Foules,” he links a tradition of courtly love with the celebration St. Valentine’s feast day. This association, however, did not exist until his poem received widespread recognition. The poem refers to Feb. 14 as the day when birds and humans come together to find a mate.  Therefore, he may have invented the holiday we know today.

One can actually celebrate Valentine’s Day a number of times in a year

There is an abundance of St. Valentine’s on the Roman Catholic roster; you can choose to celebrate the saint multiple times each year. Besides on Feb. 14, you can choose to celebrate St Valentine of Viterbo on Nov. 3. A traditional valentine celebration is done on Jan. 7.

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