‘Fairy Tail’ Recap and Spoilers: The True Nature of the Fairy Heart Revealed and the Beginning of the Impending Battle

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Fairy Tail’ Recap and Spoilers: The True Nature of the Fairy Heart Revealed and the Beginning of the Impending Battle
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The end of the previous chapter of “Fairy Tail”, “Alone In All the World,” left fans and readers hanging with regards to the fate of the Fairy Tail guild’s co-founder and first Guild Master, Mavis Vermillion and as to how the Lumen Histoire or Fairy Heart was created. Thankfully, chapter 451, entitled “Fairy Heart” answers these questions, and sets the stage for the impending battles with Alvarez Empire, and with Zeref. WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding chapter 451 “Fairy Heart,” and spoilers for the upcoming chapter in the series. Read on for more details.

“Fairy Heart,” the 451st chapter of Hiro Mashima’s manga, The manga revealed several shocking truths regarding the creation of the Lumen Histoire or the Fairy Heart that both Alvarez Empire and the Dark Mage Zeref are after.

The chapter shows that after Zeref realized that he had killed Mavis Vermillion, his only love. He dropped her corpse on the guild floor, and went back to manipulating nations and empires against each other, pledging never to get close to anyone again.

Meanwhile, Precht Gaeblog, the second guild master, who was present when Zeref dropped Mavis’ lifeless body in the guild hall. It was after realizing that Mavis was still emanating magic, enclosed her within a lacrima which was normally used in the process of resurrection magic.

After thirty years of trying to revive Mavis, Precht ended up creating a kind of magic that he didn’t think was possible “Eternal Magic,” or “Fairy Heart,” which was a combination of his magic, and Mavis’ immortal magic.

Later, Mavis explains to the Fairy Tail members that no one else can learn about this. They cannot use her magic, as having a never ending source of magic could lead to others abusing it.


She then told them that she believes that Alvarez wants it to defeat Acnologia. He expresses regret at the fact that they are all no in danger because of her.

After reassuring her that they would do anything to protect Fairy Tail, the guild members began to create a plan of action to go against Alvarez and Zeref.

At this point, Natsu Dragneel assured them that he would take care of his older brother. He had been saving a new and special power in his right arm for that purpose.

The last page of the chapter then teases that the next chapter will be entitled “Prelude to the Final Showdown.” It immediately prompted much discussions all over the internet, as many began to speculate that this arc would be the last story arc for the long running manga.

According to Yibida, it seems like Fairy Heart, although it is powerful, might not be the only weapon being sought after. It was also speculated that Natsu’s right arm may be a weapon that the opposing forces want to claim as their own.

They also hinted at the fact that this might be the last story arc, as the stage is now seemingly set for a final battle.

The fact that a final battle is imminent, and the fact that Natsu is determined to take down his older brother, generated a lot of discussion on the Internet. In the forums, as many, such as DemonKing888 from MangaHelpers, reminded others that Natsu, who, in reality, was revived by his older brother a long time ago, is actually E.N.D., or the strongest Etherious demon he had created, in the hopes that they would be able to finally kill him.

Another MangaHelpers user, Deadly Beast, commented that while this is true, it could also be possible that the two may not exactly be the same person entirely. The spirit of E.N.D. is still sealed within his own book, but if unsealed, Natsu may have to struggle with in internally to see which of his personas will come out in the end.

Do you think that this is the final story arc for “Fairy Tail”? What did you think of the chapter? Do you think that Natsu’s new power is related to the fact that he is E.N.D.? What do you think will happen next? Let us know what your theories are in the comments below!

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