‘Fairy Tail’ Speculations and Spoilers: Mavis’ Fate and the Creation of the Fairy Heart

By Kitin Miranda | 2 years ago
‘Fairy Tail’ Speculations and Spoilers: Mavis’ Fate and the Creation of the Fairy Heart
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With the “Fairy Tail” guild finally together again, the group, in the past few chapters, were able to learn a little bit more about the Dark Mage Zeref Dragneel, and his relationship to Mavis Vermillion. However, the latest chapter ended on a bittersweet note, leading fans to wonder and speculate about Mavis’ appearance in the present, and about the real nature of the Lumen Histoire or the Fairy Heart. WARNING: This article contains spoilers regarding chapter 451 of “Fairy Tail.” Read on to learn more about what might happen next.

Chapter 450 of “Fairy Tail” entitled “Alone in All The World” ended with a cruel, bittersweet and tragic twist, as it was revealed that the Dark Mage Zeref Dragneel, the immortal older brother of Natsu Dragneel, had proclaimed his love for the also immortal Mavis Vermillion, but in the end, he had ended up killing her.

It must also be remembered that these two are under a very particular curse, called the Ankherseram Curse, or the curse of contradiction, which according to kkck of Manga Helpers, meant that the more that Zeref or Mavis cared about others, the curse will be activated, which was seen in the previous chapter, when Mavis accidentally killed Markarov’s mother as she cared deeply for her. According to kkck, the curse then activated for Zeref as he probably cared more about Mavis more than she cared about him.

It was also revealed that he had created the Alvarez Empire, and Etherious, hoping that these, or his younger brother, Natsu, would lead to his eventual demise, something that he and Mavis are both looking forward to.

However, now, the question on everyone’s minds is how the Fairy Heart of Lumen Histoire was created, and how Mavis can relate the story that she is narrating, as she is, essentially, dead. However, these answers might just be revealed in the next chapter, as the 451st chapter is entitled “Fairy Heart.”

According to Nemispelled of Manga Helpers, it is indeed possible for Zeref to have created the Fairy Heart around Mavis by forming a magical barrier around his one true love.

With regards to why he all of a sudden wants the Fairy Heart, Nemispelled mentioned that in this entire arc, the Dark Mage has dropped all pretension and wants them, as a couple to finally rule and be together at last.

Meanwhile, another user named Holt, reminded readers that as Zeref can revive people from the dead, he might have done something similar to Mavis, as it is known that her body had indeed been sealed. He also expresses his doubts as to whether Etherious really could end Zeref’s cursed life.

What do you think will happen next? What did you think of the previous chapter?  Let us know what your theories are in the comments below!

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