Fake Proposal Revealed Through Court Testimony

By admin | 6 years ago

For perhaps no surprise to many, sworn testimony in the divorce case between NBA player Kris Humphries and reality start Kim Kardashian by one of the producers from the Keeping up with the Kardashians show, indicates that several of the show’s scenes were actually staged and not real.

Some producers of shows that are unscripted occasionally have scenes re-done for a number of different reasons. However, a deposition has revealed that major scenes on the reality show starring Kardashian and her family members, including the wedding proposal by Humphries to Kardashian as well as her crying over a difficult time during her marriage of 72 days, were phony.

Legal counsel for Humphries, as part of the lawsuit claiming fraud that he has brought against Kardashian, took the deposition of Russell Jay the producer of the reality show. Jay is reportedly to have admitted that Kardashian did not expect Humphries to ask for her hand in marriage and because of that, she did not like her reaction.

Kardashian allegedly asked that another take be done. Jay also said in his deposition that a heart to heart conversation that included tears between Kris Jenner, Kardashian’s mother and Kardashian, about the difficulties of the marriage to Humphries was actually filmed after she had already filed for her divorce. Jay also said the tears from Kardashian could have come from a tear stick, which is a chemical irritant used to prompt tearing.

Humphries apparently is pleased with the deposition allegedly saying now everyone will know how fake the show and Kim really are. Kardashian is currently pregnant and the baby’s father is her current boyfriend rapper Kanye West. She is due to give a deposition in the case in two weeks.

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