Faking It April 22, 2014 Premiere on MTV! [WATCH VIDEO]

By April Lara | 4 years ago
Faking It April 22, 2014 Premiere on MTV! [WATCH VIDEO]
Katie Stevens in July 2010.Wikimedia Commons/Debbie Byron

In high school, popularity is everything and MTV has cooked up a new show that markets high school students but wait, adults can also get a kick from it, too. The “Faking It” April 22, 2014 premiere was at 10:30 p.m. on MTV.  Read on to find out more about it.

“Faking It” is about two girl best friends who are unpopular but got a shot at fame when they got mistaken for lesbians and apparently dating each other. Their fates took a sudden turn after this and they became the centre of attention. To make their popularity shot up even higher, Shane, the most popular gay in school, accidentally exposes Amy and Karma as lesbians who are dating and from there, they gained their celebrity status.

Basking under the spotlight, Amy and Karma decided to play along because who doesn’t like being popular? For some people, the storyline may be shallow but what makes it great is that the willingness of two actresses to go beyond great lengths to play their parts as lesbians. Yes, it involves kissing each other in front of everyone and we know this is difficult especially if you are really not a lesbian!

However, no one can play along far too long especially when Amy and Karma start falling in love with one boy, Liam, Shane’s straight best friend. Of all people, they have to fall for the same boy!!! Liam seems to be falling for Karma and because of this, Karma gets into a difficult situation. Who’s it going to be, her best friend or Liam?

Katie Stevens (“American Idol”) plays Karma Ashcroft while Rita Volk (“The Hungover Games”) plays Karma’s best friend, Amy Raudenfield. Other “Faking It” cast members include Michael Willet (United States of Tara) as Shane Harvey, Gregg Sulkin (“Pretty Little Liars”) as Liam Brooker, Bailey Buntain as Lauren, Courtney Kato as Leila, Senta Moses as Principal Penelope, Erick Lopez as Tommy, Rebecca McFarland as Farrah and Anthony Palacios as Pablo.

Watch the “Faking It” Series premiere trailer below:

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What do you think? Is “Faking It” something that you want to watch? Don’t miss it on MTV and let us know your thoughts about it through the comments section below.


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