Faking It Midseason Finale Recap: Busted

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Faking It Midseason Finale Recap: Busted
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In “Faking It” Season 2 Episode 10 “Busted,” we are all aware of what Karma is going through. She feels betrayed, and we wonder if she is ever going to forgive her best friend again and if she will ever get back together with Liam.

The good news, though, was she has forgiven Amy — well, sort of. They were not yet back as best of friends, but Karma opened up her doors for forgiveness, and that was a step ahead. As for Liam, well, she hooked up with him after his parents helped her parents. It was because Karma’s parents were arrested for selling pot brownies. Just when we thought that she was going to have a change of heart and get back together, she was haunted by what Amy and Liam did behind her back, and that made her really paranoid.

After assaulting an officer, got arrested and locked in jail with Karma, Amy has been forgiven somehow by her “ex” best friend. We also saw her getting hot and heavy with Raegan while she was thinking of Karma. Could it be that she still has feelings for her?

With everything that was happening in his life, his sister as his real mother, their family business that he does not want to be a part of and what happened with him and Karma, Liam just wanted to get out of town and start a new life. So what he did was apply for an art fellowship. Unfortunately, with everything that was going on he could not think straight when asked about his shadow art of Karma. Still, he got the art fellowship, but his dad only allowed to let him go. He has to quit art and be a part of their business. And after hooking up with Karma, he was having doubts leaving Austin. His dad told him to back out of their deal or he is going to get cut off. Choices, Liam!

Shane sent Duke’s dating profile to TMZ. Then Duke gave a press conference where he revealed his true sexuality and his love for Shane. Is this for real after what Shane did?

Lauren wanted to take her mind off of Theo, so she decided to run for school president. During an argument with Theo, she accidentally screamed at the whole school that she is an intersex. Of course, the school population did not take this the wrong way, and this gained her more support than ever.

And the major cliffhanger this season? Theo is an undercover cop.

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