Faking It Season 2 Recap: Present Tense

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Faking It Season 2 Recap: Present Tense
Katie Stevens in July 2010.Wikimedia Commons/Debbie Byron

It’s Karma’s 16th birthday, and her best friend Amy has something special coming up for her in the latest episode of “Faking It” Season 2, Episode 5 "Present Tense." Read below for the full recap.

Amy wanted to cheer Karma up after finally coming clean that she’s straight by arranging a scavenger hunt for her birthday. However, before she was able to set things in motion, she had to go an obstacle first when she saw Karma holding a note. She immediately put it into her bag, but Amy saw the whole thing. She then retrieved it from Karma’s bag.

The scavenger hunt was on, and Amy put a lot of effort in it. That’s what friends are for or… er… when you’re in love? She gave Karma the first clue, and it led to Karma’s room. The whole place was transformed into the ball pit that was very similar to the pit where they met back in kindergarten. The next clue was found in one of the balls, but Karma saw her note in Amy’s hand. She tried to get, it but she was unsuccessful. She told Amy that it was a note from Irma, the Lunch Lady.

They resumed the whole scavenger hut by painting unicorns and watching a PG-13 movie. The surprise wasn’t over yet because Karma’s Aunt Sage, a psychic, was there to read Karma’s tealeaves, just like when they were 13. Aunt Sage said that there’s a message for her from her true love, but it can’t get to her because something is standing between them. Karma went on a bathroom break, but she only did this to get the note from Amy. However, Amy lost it, so they went looking for it.

Finally, Karma admitted to Amy that the note was actually from Liam, and they bickered until Karma exploded and told her that she knew she couldn’t be with Liam and at the same time be with her best friend. She chose Amy. To prove this, she tore Liam’s letter into pieces and stormed off.

Meanwhile, Shane tried to talk to Liam to open up to him about his feelings, but Theo interrupted. Shane ran into Lauren, and Lauren told him that she has the hots for Theo. Shane took it as a challenge for them to be together. He then realized that Theo shares the same feelings towards Lauren.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Debbie Byron

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