Faking It Season 2 Recap: The Ecstasy and the Agony

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Faking It Season 2 Recap: The Ecstasy and the Agony
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Liam and Karma were now back together again, but it seemed like there’s someone who’s having a hard time getting really committed. Meanwhile, Amy met someone, and something happened between Lauren and Theo in the latest episode of “Faking It” Season 2, Episode 6 “The Ecstacy and the Agony.”

Karma has been raving about Liam to Amy. Amy has been very supportive, but it gets old, and she just wants to take a break from it, especially that she’s still in love with Karma. Liam and Karma have gone public with their relationship, and they’re really taking it to the next level, which led to Karma standing up Amy for their usual Friday movie night. Of course, Amy had no choice but to just let it go.

Brooding, she decided to go with the Friday movie night at home alone until Lauren joined her. Lauren has her problems of her own including Theo, who never contacted her after the kiss that they shared. She’s taking things very lightly, trying to not to get too affected by it.

Meanwhile, Liam was setting up for the art exhibition, while Shane remained concerned about their whole relationship. The whole Liam-Karma thing can withstand the pressures, especially the secret that Liam and Amy are hiding from Karma. Liam was also having problems addressing Karma as his “girlfriend.” However, we all know that he’s happy with it because in the art exhibition, he spelled out Karma’s name with the use of plumbing supplies, which he showed to Karma.

This was Liam’s way of showing off Karma as his girlfriend. Karma appreciated it so much that she mentioned that he’s the best boyfriend in the world. Shane dropped by Amy’s place to drag her along to an underground party. Feeling sympathetic to Lauren, Shane decided to invite her along as well. At first, she was hesitant, but they were actually surprised when she decided to come.

Liam said that his muse is Karma. She was feeling all smitten by this, so she called Amy right away to tell her about another “update” on their relationship. At the underground party, Amy almost ran over by a huge equipment by a cute waiter who obviously likes her, but she ignored him. Meanwhile, Shane got a call from Liam telling him about how he’s having a hard time saying that Karma is his girlfriend. Shane thought that he can’t say it because he slept with Karma’s best friend, but Liam defended himself that it’s only because he has a commitment issue. Shane just told him that it’s just high school, and she’s not his wife.

Lauren wasn’t enjoying the party because she’s having a headache as well, so she decided to take a pill. Unfortunately, she mistakenly took the pill Shane has — ecstacy. They tried to stop her, but she already swallowed the pill.

Back at the art show, Liam was being pestered by an art blogger about his art, and that’s when he said that Karma is his girlfriend. Shane encouraged Amy to talk to the waiter who obviously has the hots for her, but Amy still wouldn’t budge. Lauren heard them talking about the ecstasy pill that she took, and she freaked out and locked herself in a closet. Once again, Karma called Amy for another Liam stuff. That’s when she lost it and told her that she couldn’t handle her baggage anymore. She started to enjoy the party and went up to the waiter. As for Lauren, she was surprised that Theo came to rescue her, and he carried her on the way home.

Shane saw them go, and he got a text from Duke who sent him a picture of his penis.  Shane asked him if he’s up for a booty call. When everyone’s home, Amy called up Karma to apologize.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Debbie Byron

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