‘Faking It’ Season 2 Episode 17 Spoilers: Prom Scare [Watch Video]

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘Faking It’ Season 2 Episode 17 Spoilers: Prom Scare [Watch Video]
Faking It

It looks like Amy’s feelings for Karma are coming back. Well, that’s what we saw in “Faking It” Season 2, Episode 16. At the same time, it also looks like Amy doesn’t want to act on it. She would rather hide her feelings for her best friend once again to save their friendship. After everything that they went through, this seems to be the best idea… for now. Read on for more details.

According to Carter Matt, prom is coming to Hester High on the new episode of “Faking It” Season 2 and Lauren has made a new rule: everyone is required to have a date. What’s the problem? Well, Karma doesn’t have anyone to go with. It then led to her suggesting that she and Amy go together instead. Amy thinks this is dangerous since she still has feelings for her while Karma is oblivious to that fact. She suggested that they go together because it seems to be the best and innocent thing to do since they are best friends.

So, that is why Amy considers asking Felix to go with her. During the first part of “Faking It” Season 2, we all have seen Karma struggling with her feelings for her best friend, in a platonic as well as in a romantic way. It gave us the notion that Karma has feelings for Amy as well but she’s not addressing this properly thinking that she’s not a lesbian and Amy’s her best friend.

What if Karma really has feelings for Amy? And the reason why she asked her to go to the prom with her is not just because it’s the most normal thing to do considering the fact that they are best friends, but also because she is developing and somehow addressing her feelings for Amy? It’s still possible!

Watch the preview of “Faking It” Season 2 Episode 17 below:


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