Faking It Season 2 Recap: You Can’t Handle the Truth or Dare

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Faking It Season 2 Recap: You Can’t Handle the Truth or Dare
Katie Stevens in July 2010.Wikimedia Commons/Debbie Byron

Nothing more can create so much tension in between two people who have a history together while the other one is keeping a huge secret than a truth or dare game and that’s what Karma and Amy faced in Episode 2 “You Can’t Handle the Truth or Dare” of Season 2.

Karma and Amy’s relationship is weird and awkward after everything that happened last season, but they are trying their best to get back to normal again. However, Amy is having a hard time acting normal towards her best friend because she’s keeping something from her. Trying their hardest to patch things up between them and return to how they used to be, the two best friends decided to spend the weekend together. Amy, feeling awkward about that whole thing asked Lauren to come with them as a “buffer” just in case things get awkward.

Lauren being there during their weekend wasn’t really a good idea because she was prompting Amy to spill the beans to Karma. Of course, Amy won’t because she knows that this will only further ruin their friendship and it wasn’t the right time because the two of them are trying to fix things. However, Lauren really wanted Amy’s secret to be out in the open so she initiated a game of truth or dare.

During the game, things were getting pretty tense because the two best friends were attacking each other. There were more dates than truths, both avoiding to talk about feelings or have emotions resurface in the open. They just couldn’t deal with that right now. Lauren dared them to kiss and just when they were about to, Karma backed out and chose truth instead. She was asked about sex with Liam, which she truthfully answered and after that, the gameplay has changed because Karma and Amy started to throw truth questions to one another until things started to get comfortable between them. At that moment, we think that the two best friends have already put behind the past while Lauren have something to say regarding her being an intersex. Her friends accepted that fact and let her know that they have their full support.

As for Liam, his interactions with either Amy and Karma were also very awkward. Shane and Liam were about to go out that night, but Liam met a new student, Theo and invited him to come along. Their trip to the bar didn’t go well when they all got into a fight and Liam and Shane ended the night in bad terms.

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Photo source: Wikimedia Commons/Debbie Byron

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