Fall Out Boy Apologizes To Fans For ‘Annoying’ Songs; Says ‘Centuries’ Have Been Overplayed; Hints 5SOS Collab?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
Fall Out Boy Apologizes To Fans For ‘Annoying’ Songs; Says ‘Centuries’ Have Been Overplayed; Hints 5SOS Collab?
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The American rock band Fall Out Boy (FOB), who had recently declined any further collaboration with 5 Seconds of Summer (SOS), has apologized to their fans. They think that their music are overplayed that must have brought weariness to their fans. Read on for more details.

According to NME, Pete Wentz, the bassist of FOB, had expressed regret for “their constant presence,” while FOB’s songs were featured in ESPN’s coverage of the College Football Playoffs.

“I watched it a little bit. It’s a little bit crazy to watch with your song in it so much. People are always like: ‘Hey it’s starting to get annoying!’” Wentz said in an interview with Fox Sports.

According to Wentz, they were absolutely aware of the fact that the regular broadcasting of FOB’s single “Centuries” on the station might have irritated the viewers and fans.

“We realize that it was [getting] to the point where it was getting under people’s skin. We didn’t really know that’s how it was going to be, because obviously this was the first college playoffs and stuff. But, at the same time, there was a lot of people who probably wouldn’t have heard of our band who have heard it. Hopefully, we didn’t annoy you too badly!” Wentz said.

In the month of May, the two bands played the main stage at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend in Norwich. After their awesome performance, FOB had declared that they were ready to work on a new music and hit the studio with the Australian pop band.

The album “Take this to Your Grave” released in 2003 had endowed FOB with a superb success. FOB released its newest album “American Beauty/American Psycho” in January 2015, which Wentz depicted as “modern rock of the future.”

Some other super hit discographies of FOB are “Infinity on High” (2007), “Folie à Deux” (2008), “Save Rock and Roll” (2013).

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Photo Source: Twitter/Fall Out Boy

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