Fall Out Boy Band’s New Album Song ‘Uma Thurman:’ Is The ‘Kill Bill’ Actress Cool About Naming The Song After Her?

By Bindhu Mol. G | 2 years ago
Fall Out Boy Band’s New Album Song ‘Uma Thurman:’ Is The ‘Kill Bill’ Actress Cool About Naming The Song After Her?
Fall Out Boy

Has Fall Out Boy got the permission from actress Uma Thurman before naming their new album song after her name? Read on to know what the American rock band has to say about this.

According to Business Standard, the American rock band clarified that they have obtained the permission from the “Kill Bill” actress to name their song after her.

“I don’t know how she really feels about the song, but she’s okay about naming it Uma Thurman, which is cool,” said Pete Wentz, the bassist of Fall Out Boy, to Billboard. However, he is not certain whether the actress is a “fan of the track” or not, reported the source.

What else did the band revealed about their new song? Wentz also spoke about how they came up with the track as well as details about its “Pulp Fiction” roots.

He revealed that they chose Thurman as she does powerful roles in films. He also said that her character in “Kill Bill” became the inspiration for their new song. He further revealed that while playing the song, he remembers the epic moment of the film “Kill Bill” during which Thurman kills everyone in the sushi restaurant.

He honestly admitted that the Thurman melody idea came up to them while they did the Munsterstheme sounded American Beauty/American Psycho track. After that, the band approached the actress to get her permission for naming their name as “Uma Thurman.”

Wentz feels that it is important to do challenging new things, and that this song is one such approach that the band has made.

“Uma Thurman” is the latest hit from the American rock band Fall Out Boy. Well, the band is so happy that the actress is okay for naming their song after her name.

What do you think about the band’s new song’s name? Do you feel that Thurman would become a fan of the track?

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Photo Source: Facebook/ Fall Out Boy

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