Fall Out Boy to Men? Pete Wentz on Rihanna,Taylor Swift Collaboration & Chirstmas Ham

By Nilankur Dutta | 2 years ago
Fall Out Boy to Men? Pete Wentz on Rihanna,Taylor Swift Collaboration & Chirstmas Ham

Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz has revealed the top two people that the Chicago pop-punk outfit is dying to collaborate with. Unsurprisingly, it is the two most successful and beautiful ladies in the music industry today: Rihanna and Taylor Swift. Read on to find out more.

Fall Out Boy’s new album, “American Beauty/American Psycho” was out earlier this year, topped charts and was received with universal adulation. Now Pete Wentz is gracing the cover of Notion Magazine and spoke about his dream collaborators: Taylor Swift and Rihanna.

“We did this Victoria’s Secret show with Taylor and she sang Light Em Up with us. She is very in demand, though, isn’t she? I wouldn’t hold my breath. She was so sweet. I’d really like to do something cool with Rihanna.”

In the candid interview, Wentz also commented on the dark side of pop-star fame, the infamous contract riders, in which the band detail everything they want from the organizers at a particular venue while they are on tour.

When we were younger we splashed out. I used to always have a Christmas ham on the rider because I could. It was kind of insane, but I wanted a ham, you know. But later, after a show, we were in the club, and I saw a few women were in our seating area, eating the cold ham. It was so gross and greasy. We ended up removing the ham after that.

Fall Out Boy, according to Wentz, are becoming Fall Out Men.

Fall Out Boy is touring the USA with Wiz Khalifa in their “Boys of the Zummer” tour in support of their new album, performing the new hit single “Uma Thurman” together. The sales for “Uma Thurman” have recent crossed the one million mark in the US and has been certified platinum, according to Headline Planet As we said before, they are having a good year.

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