Before I Fall: Brilliant Teen Drama that will bring Back School Memories

By Nirdeshini Bagde | 1 year ago
Before I Fall: Brilliant Teen Drama that will bring Back School Memories

Before I Fall full trailer is out and it can be said that it is going to be a great film. It has a great storyline and the scenes are cut out pretty well. Although at some point the scenes might be disturbing but then it is one of the areas it scores well. So if you want to bring back your memories in a good or bad way, then Before I Fall is a must on your list.

Before I Fall can Entice Bad Memories

Our high school years shapes us and is one of the most important memories in our lives. Before I Fall can be pivotal to bring back your school time memories including the bad ones.

The movie is based on a young adult book written by Lauren Oliver by the same name. Sam, the main character of the film and her gang torments unpopular girls in her high school. The clique is having a great time but everything changes in a snap. While leaving a party, they are involved in a deadly major car crash.

Sam wakes up the next day but realizes that it is the same day of the accident. She has to relive the fateful day all over again with no clue of why it is happening to her. Before I Fall is being compared to Groundhog Day and Mean Girls but the movie is a lot darker than the other two, reports Bustle.

The way the accident scene is captured on the screen might spell bad memories for many viewers. A lot of audiences will relate to the film and will find it close to reality especially how immature and radical the decisions are.

Before I Fall is a Unique Teen Drama

Before I Fall Movie

Before I Fall is a lot different than the movies it is compared to. It is a unique teen drama that highlights the moral dilemmas of the young generation. If you think the movie is a light-hearted teenage drama, you might want to think again.

The film tackles all relevant issues such as bullying, moral behavior and social dynamics in a direct manner. The way it is realistically portrayed adds the dark element to it. Overall, the film is intense but leaves a positive message for the audiences. The movie highlights the great potential of individuals in the face of tragedies.

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