Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz ‘Taken Aback’ by 5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin Diss; Called Him ‘Justin Bieber of 2007’

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Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz ‘Taken Aback’ by 5 Seconds of Summer Ashton Irwin Diss; Called Him ‘Justin Bieber of 2007’
5SOS at the VMAS 2014

Did 5 Second of Summer (5SOS) just diss Fall Out Boy? 5SOS’ drummer Ashton Irwin even compared Pete Wentz to the “Justin Bieber of 2007!”

In an interview with Billboard, 5SOS, “five sauce” to devoted fans, opened up about being compared to boy bands both past and present — from Boys II Men to Backstreet Boys to Blink 182.

“People get confused because we’re young and we have a female fan base. But so did Fall Out Boy. Pete Wentz was the Justin Bieber of 2007. Girls loved him, they obsessed over him,” Irwin explained on Billboard.

The drummer’s statement did not sit well with several Fall Out Boy fans, with some saying that 5SOS was criticizing FOB’s music. Irwin’s statement started rumors of FOB vs 5SOS feud. Pete Wentz himself revealed that he was “taken aback” with the comment from 5SOS.

In an interview with MTV, Wentz shared that he reached out to the band to find out the reason behind the alleged diss. 5SOS graciously explained that there was no bad blood between them.

“What they [5SOS] meant by it was that they were a band where girls liked them as well and other punk rock bands have had that and that’s what I was like and our band was like,” Wentz says.

We totally believe that there’s no competition between 5SOS and Fall Out Boy. Early last year, 5SOS even shared a photo with Wentz taken at the Billboard Music Awards. They were total fan boys in the photo, claiming that FOB was one of 5SOS’ band inspirations. They also described Wentz as an “awesome dude.”

There you have it on the latest news about Fall Out Boy and 5 Seconds of Summer. Do you think there’s an ongoing feud between the two boy bands? Sound off in the comments below.

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