Fall TV 2014 Trend: Women of Washington DC

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
Fall TV 2014 Trend: Women of Washington DC
San Francisco Film Society screening of “You Kill Me” at the Embarcadero Landmark Cinemas followed by private reception at Gallery One. Director John Dahl and actress Tea Leoni were in attendance to participate in a Q&A following the film.

A couple of the TV dramas that will premiere for Fall TV 2014 will center on women of power; on women who hold such high profile jobs in Washington D.C. that they’re set to redefine what it means to be the heroine. Who are they and what are these shows? Read further for more about this news story.

On CBS, Tea Leoni will play the role of the Secretary of State in the aptly titled series, “Madam Secretary.” The show will touch on how her character juggles both professional and personal life. Not only is she taking care of international diplomacy, she’s also raising a family.

On NBC, Katherine Heigl is playing the maverick CIA analyst who becomes the president’s most trusted adviser in “State of Affairs.” Her character makes sure that threats to national security are diffused and international relations are smooth-sailing. In a similar manner,  the president on this series is also a woman (played by Alfre Woodward).

These characters have very demanding jobs helping run the most powerful country in the world, and on television, they do make for good drama. But these roles may have also been inspired by a real-life person: Hillary Clinton, who was U.S. Secretary of State from 2009-2013. As defined by the New York Times, this trend is dubbed as “Hillaryesque.”

Back in 2005, ABC did a series about a woman American president. The role of President Mackenzie Allen was played by Geena Davis.  “Commander-in-Chief” launched to good ratings and it was number one in the Tuesday time slot for a while. But its viewership dwindled after the network change its schedule. It has never recovered afterwards, so the show was canceled right after its first season. “Commander-in-Chief” received numerous award nominations, but it received criticisms because it focused too much on the lead character’s gender.

Years later, ABC would once again do a series that featured a female Washington D.C. powerhouse. Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope, a political public relations and image fixer on “Scandal,” was introduced to viewers in 2012. To date, the show has become one of ABC’s top-rating dramas and thus, will be joined by these two new shows on the small screen.

Will “Madam Secretary” and “State of Affairs” follow the trail of “Commander-in-Chief” or “Scandal”?

We’ll keep you updated about these upcoming series, so keep checking back to Movie News Guide (MNG) for more of Fall TV 2014’s newest dramas.

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