Fallen Movie: Everything to Know about Fantasy-Romance Dubbed as New Twilight

By Diane Samson | 2 years ago
Fallen Movie: Everything to Know about Fantasy-Romance Dubbed as New Twilight

Four years after Breaking Dawn Part 2, a new paranormal romance movie is trying to revive the young adult market. Fallen is the adaptation of Lauren Kate’s best-selling novel of the same title. It is about to be released in various theaters around the world.

What is it about?

Fallen has been drawing comparisons with Stephanie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga since it was published in 2009. The story revolves around Luce Price, a seemingly normal girl who was sent to Sword & Cross Reform School after she was accused of a crime she did not commit. There, she meets Daniel, a handsome but mysterious guy who is hiding a dark secret. She is inexplicably drawn to him and believes that she has met him before.

Plagued by strange visions, Luce begins to unravel the secrets of her past and discovers that two fallen angels have been fighting for her heart for centuries. She must choose where her heart truly lies as well as decide the fate of both Heaven and Hell.


Addison Timlin (Zero Hour, Californication) stars as the main character, Lucy Price. Meanwhile, for the role of Daniel, Jeremy Irvine of The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death and War Horse is cast. Harrison Gilbertson (Need for Speed, Conspiracy 365) will play the role of Cam, another student of Sword & Cross Reform School who has taken an instant liking to Luce.

Scott Hicks directed the film with Relativity listed as the U.S. distributor.

Premiere Date

Fallen set to open in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines in November 2016. As for the U.S. and U.K. viewers, the movie’s release date remains up in the air.

According to iTech Post, Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh encouraged fans of the young adult franchise to retweet the trailer to make it viral. The U.S. release date will all depend on whether there is a demand for the film. The fate of the sequel, an adaptation of the best-selling series’ second book, Torment, also depends on the performance of Fallen. 

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