‘Falling Skies’ Season 5 Spoilers: Show Is Set To Wrap Up, Hal And Isabella’s Growing Love Story, John Immensely Tries To Kill Tom And Hal

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Falling Skies’ Season 5 Spoilers: Show Is Set To Wrap Up, Hal And Isabella’s Growing Love Story, John Immensely Tries To Kill Tom And Hal
Falling Skies

It’s time for “Falling Skies” to bid goodbye to its fans and followers. The clock is ticking for Robert Rodat and Steven Spielberg’s extraterrestrial invasion show and the fans are wondering how the ending will leave a mark in their minds. Read on.

Drew Roy, who plays the role of Tom’s son Hal, earlier assured that the show would have a satisfying ending. It was despite the fact that the audiences will be left shocked with the death of some of their favorite characters in the finale. But, according to Roy, the viewers will not be left hanging in doubts as the ending would be having adequate explanations.

“I was glad to see that we do wrap it up and there are explanations. I think we were all concerned that we would leave things ambiguous,” Roy told Express.co.uk.

“There are a lot of loose ends that have fallen by the wayside and I was curious to see how this newest group of writers were going to deal with that and how they were going to deal with the overall final conclusion of everything,” Roy added.

The series starting in 2011, which ran for four seasons before it was commissioned for a final season to wrap up the show.

According to Vine Report, the latest episode of “Falling Skies” season 5 focused on the aftermath of Sara’s death. John Pope, who has decided to avenge her, started recruiting his new members.

The next episode of “Falling Skies” season 5 entitled “Respite” will center Tom and his son Hal. John has taken a vow to kill the father and son. However, according to the synopsis of the upcoming episode, Tom will take refuge in a “unique family” who has kept themselves aside from the fight. Oppositely, Hal and Isabella will romantically come close while to be in search for Tom.

Don’t forget to watch the next episode, titled “Respite,” of “Falling Skies” season 5, which will be telecast on TNT on Aug. 2, 2015.

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