Family Guy: 5 Reasons Why The Show Is No Longer Original In Content

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Family Guy: 5 Reasons Why The Show Is No Longer Original In Content
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Family Guy has been renewed for season 16. The adult animated show developed by Seth MacFarlane has accumulated a vast audience over the years, but now, it seems to be facing a problem.

Gone are the days when it used to be fun and original. These days it is plagued with unoriginal content, which might seriously hurt the show’s performance.


The first problem that Family Guy is facing is that it has become repetitive. The jokes, playbacks, comebacks, incidents, Peter’s absurd decision-making is all that fans have seen in the previous seasons.

The network has commissioned a new season but MacFarlane and team will have to rely on new content and possibly introduce new storylines so that fans do not get bored of the show.

For instance, Peter’s constant abuse of Meg, Brian’s escapade with different women, Lois’ nagging is what should be avoided.

Old jokes

Jokes are a part of Family Guy. Whether its Stewie pulling a fast one on Brian or Peter troubling Lois and the family, the show has to pave way for newer and better jokes.

For instance, Peter’s conflict with the giant yellow chicken started in the first season. Their fight should have ended there itself but despite being killed by Peter, the chicken somehow returns in almost every season.

It also looks like their fight is purposely made longer so that it can take up a considerable amount of time from the episode. Every time fans see the chicken, they automatically are able to decipher what will happen next.

Meg’s abuse

No one knows why but Meg is the most abused character on the show. From strangers to her own family members, she exists only so that the Griffins have someone to trouble.

She has been killed numerous times, shown as a suicidal character and even underwent a sex change in the future. Despite all of that she still remains as the butt of all jokes.

Peter was nice to her in one episode, but to keep the fact that he actually loves her a secret, he went back to his usual self and started troubling her again.


WhatCulture reported that Family Guy seems like a copy of The Simpsons. According to the outlet, the MacFarlane show has been stealing jokes from the popular show and has been blatant about it.

The outlet also mentioned that despite the fact that The Simpsons has been a reason for the success of Family Guy, the show has been mocking it as well.

During the crossover between the two shows, there was a scene where it was hinted that Family Guy has some elements ripped off from The Simpsons. They hinted this when Peter offered his favorite beer to Homer.

Upon drinking it actually turned out to be the brand that Homer drinks and how it was being sold as a different brand in Quahog.


The outlet also reported that gags on the show are so long perhaps because writers are unable to fill the episodes with proper content. For instance, Peter hurting his knee goes on for at least thirty seconds, which makes it feel like an eternity.

The outlet also noted that this gag has been repeated in multiple seasons. Another gag is the fight with the yellow chicken that has been dragged through all these seasons.


Family Guy revolves around an average American family whose head is Peter Griffin. He lives with his beautiful wife Lois, children Meg, Chris, Stewie and their dog Brian.

He has a habit of taking stupid decisions only to realize how stupid they are toward the end of the episode. In between all of this, there are gags and sometimes unnecessary jabs at other shows.

Premiere date

No official premiere date for Family Guy season 16 has been revealed yet.


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