Family had to Convince Romney to Run Following 2008 Defeat

By admin | 6 years ago

On Sunday, a leading newspaper in Boston said that Mitt Romney’s family was instrumental in convincing him to run a second time for president, following his disappointing loss at securing the Republican nomination back in 2008.

Tagg Romney, one of the sons of the former governor of Massachusetts, said in the article that looked at what happened to Romney’s bid for the presidency in 2012, that his father had said he was not intending to run again following his loss in the primaries to John McCain and missing out on becoming the presidential nominee in 2008.

McCain, a Senator from Arizona, secured the nomination for the Republicans that year and went on to lose to Barack Obama the Democrat in the election.

Tagg, to change his dad’s opinion over running again, said he and Ann his mom worked together. Tagg said his dad wanted the presidency less than anyone he has met. The young Romney said if his dad would have stepped aside if he could have found a replacement.

Despite polls showing the election in 2012 would be very close, the former businessman and governor of Massachusetts ended up well short of the electoral votes needs to defeat the incumbent President Barack Obama.

Last November 6, Obama was able to win his reelection with a total of 332 electoral votes. He also was able to win the majority of the battleground states including both Florida and Ohio.

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